Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

It's 10/31 the day kids get pumped full of candy and practice their pretending skills. Our carved pumpkins have already melted (for lack of a better term). One looks very wicked! We can't light them because they've already caved in on themselves. Zander is excited about going Trick or Treating. I'm upset that I have school tonight and am missing Alyssa's 1st Halloween.

We had an eventful weekend. Friday night we got to eat at Jardin Corona's with my dad, Julie and Elizabeth (his wife and her daughter). When we think of Mexican food we think to invite them. When we got home the neighbor's accross the street were in their yard listening to the Leander / Pflugerville game. One of the benefots of living in the hills is that the sounds roll through - all the time. We can hear anything going on at the high school stadium without leaving our house. The train runs across the highway and we can hear that as well. It just keeps life interesting. The neighbors that were outside were ones I hadn't met yet so it was good to meet them. We invited them over the following day for football and food. Saturday evening when UT played OSU we were all crowded around the TV in the play room. At half time Nathan had finished the beef ribs and hot dogs (for the kids) as well as the mashed potatoes I was cooking. Everyone had a great time.

I almost forgot to tell ya'll about the rest of Friday night. The guys had all gone in befor the game was over (Leander did win, both teams were undefeated until then), and the ladies stayed outside and talked. Apparently we have similar interests / hobbies and we talked about doing a few things. There's a neighborhood bunco group - never played that, but willing to try. We also talked about having a card making / scrapbooking night. I also learned somethiong very important. I kept wondering why there were never any yard sales - they're against home owners association rules. How sad. Audrey (Nate's mom) said we could do it at her house. Might just have to take her up on that.

Any way. On Sunday we had the church / school fall festival. Eating BBQ with several of your closest friends out on the picnic tables is great. We got to socialize with people we rarely get to just spend quality time with. Zander got to hang out with friends from his previous class. They rode the train, played games, and bounced in the inflatable things. Way too much fun and excitement for one little child. Alyssa just hung out and watched. There were a lot of people, and the silent auction items were great! When the kids got home they slept for a long time, and I appreciated it!

I just had to share this picture! Alyssa is learning to eat those biter bisquets. She finally is taking pieces of them off. The only problem is that she gets goo all over her. We had to take a bath after eating this. It didn't help that Zander thought he was being funny by turning the lights on and off while I was taking pictures and feeding Alyssa. Nathan was out runnning at the time.

Off to fill out more job applications and to study. Have a great Halloween and be safe!


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  2. Hey there! LOVING the blog!!! I miss all of you so much, but hearing about all your adventures (and everyone else I know of) is definitely a blessing. ;) I can't get that kind of news on Yahoo! ;) So keep on keepin' on.

    --Till the nets are full

  3. Nathan8:13 AM

    Gee - gotta love "anonymous" posting SPAM messages on your blog.


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