Saturday, April 05, 2008

Why Blog?

I've decided that I just need to jump back in and blog again. I need that outlet of communication. I have thoughts I want to share, and no where to share them.

This means that I have to spend some time figuring out how to really use Blogger. This will be a task for me since computers just are not my interest - leave that up to DH.

So what do I want to blog about today?

I'm sitting here dilligently cutting out Suess characters for a layout I'm working on, and thinking "I am having one of the most interestin experiences of my life and someone might want to know about it."

DH is running for the local school board - - this is just funny to go through. Lots of walking, talking, socializing, finding childcare at the last minute. Totally random things like that. My favorite so far is when I'm standing at the copier at school and another teacher walks up saying, "So, I saw your husband in the news paper". I just want to laugh - a lot!!!! It's odd to have people come up to you and talk to you about life in general when they never have before. It's odd to go to a party at someones house who you don't know a single person at.

Here's what I've realized. My friends think I'm terribly outgoing. I really don't think that I am. I get so nervous at these events that I realize - I am not an extrovert. I just fake it well. I have more to say, but have to get ready for today's events.

Off to take care of the kids birthday pictures for their invitations, then lunch, then a birthday party, then a block party at our house. All the while listening to the ramblings of a 2 and 5 year old. Z's ready for me to pick out his clothes for the day.

Have a great Saturday y'all!!!

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  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    now I stay in touch!


Thank you for commenting. It makes me so happy! I'm not a widely read blog so I always wonder if anyone is reading or if I'm just talking to myself.