Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Bible School Devotional Day 3

Day 3:
Bible Point: Jesus gives us the power to be brave.
Power Verse: “I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me.”
Bible Story: Jesus gives Peter courage to walk on water. Matthew 14:22-23
Sunday evening I was getting the last odds and ends together for VBS this week. It had been a crazy day because of Father’s day – lots of visiting, and I didn’t get in any down time. The more I thought about it the more I thought about calling and canceling for VBS. I thought “This is NUTS! I can’t do Chadder’s theater. There are a lot of kids relying on me to get the message across. There’s too much going on, I’m not comfortable teaching in such a large group. I have difficulty sticking to a script. You want me to teach with no board to write on? Have you seen me teach? I NEEEEEEED a board!!!!!”
Then the other thoughts, “No one wants me to do this really. I know that I’m going to mess it up so horribly that they’ll think twice about ever having me return to VBS. You know – this needs to be my last year. I’m sure there’s someone they like better out there. My service is not valued, so why bother.”
When those thoughts start flying I know there’s only one place to go. Prayer. I know with Jesus by my side anything is possible. I remember the first time I had to speak at TNT (Wednesday night youth group). The same thoughts flew through my head, but it was 30 minutes before we started so no calling in a friend to speak. I had to do it. I flipped pages faster and faster seeking the perfect words to share with the kids. They’re in the Bible so they have to be right – right? Then my friend came in the room and said something very important, “God will place the words in your mouth that He wants them to hear.” See Jesus does give us the power to help others! He gave me Kendra to help me through this fear. With Kendra being that living presence, that life giving water, I was able to speak to a room full of teens and share God’s message with them.
There are times that I think of those special people who helped me through something difficult, and I know that it is Jesus standing right beside me. I could feel his presence then, as I do now standing in front of all those children waiting to hear about the power of God’s love. The only affirmation I need is through the love of Jesus and his presence as I challenge myself to new things.
Affirmation’s come in the strangest packages. Today after VBS we went for a grocery run. As mom’s know – you should not go on a grocery run after the kids have spent the whole morning at VBS and haven’t had lunch yet. Prepare for total melt down! I took Zander and Alyssa to the grocery store – passed the Willard’s sneaking over to Sonic, and thought maybe we should just pull over. Through the whole grocery trip Z and A were so focused on what they had learned today at VBS that they were sharing with each other, and taking turns helping me to get items off the shelf. Even when a group of little boys pushed them off the Buddy Buck machine, Z and A just sat back and waited. I was so proud. They even helped the boys get their little prizes from the machine. All afternoon they were testing each other on knowing the Bible points, the stories, and the characters. This team has done a great job sharing Jesus with my two crazy kids, and the many more you see each day! Keep up all the great work!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your post and loved them, but this one struck home because I get that same anxiety about things to. I am the director of our VBS next week and I am a little overwelmed and worried. What if kids don't show up? What if they hate it? What if we don't keep there interest? I will be praying for your week. Please pray for mine.

  2. April - I was looking at the forums last night and saw all the anxieties going on out there. I will most certainly hold you in my prayers as you prepare and hold VBS. It is such an amazing time! Thank you for posting. It makes it seem less lonely ou here in cyber world.


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