Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall? Already!!!

School started with a whirl wind of activity. Getting 135 NJHS students off on the right foot as well as getting aclamaited to my new position.... well it was just CRAZY!!! Not a chore, but did take time. Then lets talk about getting Z and A off on the right foot! A started in the multi-age class. It's a mix of 3yo-5yo. She olves her teachers and that's one of the best parts. She brought home a little clay volcano to add aking soda and vinigar to - KABOOM! Her best friend K is in there as well which adds to our delight. They have dance class on Thursday evenings so we alternate which mom picks up the girls, cooks, etc. It has been geat to have the support and friend. Z started 1st grade. For those of you in the know, Kinder was horrible! So we were all a little hesitant about 1st grade. After lots of work with the school Z is in a great placement. He is responding well to his class, and the teacher is challenging them at their level. I no longer hear "When he gets placed appropriately it will get better". He is placed appropriately. There are so many kids like him in the class it's almost like having QUEST all day. Can't wait to see what happens when PACE math starts! Both kids are in Kumon and loving it. Z only loves it because I told him when he finishes the program he can stop going. He's on target for being a full grade level ahead in the next couple of months so he's asked to skip a grade at school. I'm just not sure about it. Any way I love seeing the look on peoples faces when he's doing his homework. It's like "He can do that!" Small story on that note. One of my students lives down the street from us. He came by the other day for a hall pass because he forgot his homework at school. While he was there he was asking Z to do some math problems in his head - of course Z could do them. It was just funny! So the next day I'm teaching this kids math class (adding and subtracting integers) and people are being a little goofy, but not bad. He turns to his peers and says, "GUYS!! We have to learn this! Mrs. D's 6yo can already do it!" So funny!
Any way - just thought I would let y'all know that we didn't fall off the face of the earth, just playing with a few things in life.

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