Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alice and other fun festivities

Last month I had the opportunity to participate in an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot. Nathan and I booked a hotel, packed our gear, and got ready for the afternoon of shooting. What no one told us was that the end of January in Houston, TX was just as cold as the end of January in Austin, TX. I had on a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, winter coat, scarf, gloves, and hat. Amazingly I was still COLD!

At one point in the shoot I got upset at my camera because the shutter release had stopped working. As I rotated the darn thing in my hand I realized that I could no longer feel my fingers and was not even pressing a button, much less the shutter release. Explained everything. I also was having a beast of a time with my flash deciding that it liked a lot more light than I did. It's the second time this has happened and if it doesn't get back in line quickly it will become "the back up flash".

Despite the madness of freezing my fingers off, and a flash that ran hot, the models were FANTASTIC. I really enjoyed each one that I worked with and apologize if their shots didn't make the cut. These ladies were scantily clad in the weather. Their caring mothers were at the ready with coats and blankets. I even took a few "shivering" shots just to see how they looked. One of the models even said that it was warmer than a previous shoot where they were in the water. It was a fun afternoon of shooting and I would like to go back to the gardens in the spring when things are living. Might do a few more themed shoots since this was just way too much fun!

This little guy was such a trooper! He was in a bulky costume and fully face painted. He kept telling his mom he was hungry and she kept feeding him. At one point we told him that if he took a few more photos they would go for a giant cheese burger after wards. He was so funny! He only started playing with us when we pulled out the green chair. He loved posing in the green chair. It really is my favorite photo prop, but usually people won't pose in it fr me. Photographers and models alike were getting in line to use the green chair. I am so glad we hauled it from Austin.

I kind of like the make-up job that the artist did her, but everyone keeps telling me that it does not hold true to the book. Yes I know Alice is supposed to represent innocence, but really this would make a great Halloween version of Alice. I also liked how the black around the eyes accents this models natural eye shape. What I don't like is the white out effect on the face. When doing an outdoor shoot white can do funny things with light. I lucked out and didn't have to photoshop some of the possible color changes that could have occurred. I liked the colors of the costume though. Brought more to the game than blue and white. You can't see them in these photos, but I loved that this Alice and the Cheshire Cat wore Converse. I would have too if it weren't so blasted cold out!

That evening we went to dinner with Stephen, Monica, and the kids.
We ate at this restaurant that served a HUGE appetizer that none of us could finish. Then HUGE meals that we all could not finish again. I loved just sitting back, relaxing, and visiting with friends. It was so nice to just be casual with no time frames to work within. It was great to see how much Matthew has grown and developed since we saw them last summer. And Austin! Such a cutie!!!! OK I just have to end this post with some of my favorite shots of the night!

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