Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How Do They Do That?! Part 4 continued

I almost forgot to post about Z and I's conversation today in the car. Some days cars are the best conversation facilitators. It was a timely conversation with tomorrow being an awareness day for homosexual people who have committed suicide. Apparently Z knows very much what being gay is. He knows that you do not use the word in a derogatory manner, and that you do not hate people because they are gay. He knows that you treat everyone as an individual, and love them for who they are regardless of sexual orientation.
What brought this up was a girl at daycare that he's seen kissing another girl. He does not like this girl, and at first I thought he didn't like her because she is gay. He clarified that he does not like anything about her because she's mean and gross. Her being gay has nothing to do with it. I know that this girl can be aggressive with peers and that some children prefer not to play with her because she is mean.
I am just proud of Z for many reasons. He's 8 and knows that there is no reason to hate people because they are different than you. He is very smart and knows about homosexuality to the point that it's just part of his daily life. He did not realize that we have gay friends because it just is. He also knows to tell people to stop when they are teasing another child about being gay or using the word improperly. Love this kid!
Talking about being smart. We also had a lovely conversation about skin color. There is a political ad on the radio that talks about how Rick Perry's ears are too big for TV. Z wanted to know if that was true - basically do the people who create TV programs discriminate against big eared people. He didn't find that fair at all, nor did he appreciate someone saying that about another person. We talked about how the ad was making fun of Rick Perry, but also making a comment about the state of politics. We talked about how campaign managers feel that only a certain image will get elected. If someone's short they'll have that person stand on a box so they look taller, things like that. Z said, "Oh! Like Barack Obama shouldn't have been elected because he has brown skin based on those peoples thoughts." Exactly! Then he talked about how stupid it is to judge someone based on their looks instead of their merits in the job.
I love this kid!!!! Ever want to have an interesting intellectual conversation with a kid - you can borrow him. He comes up with some of the greatest stuff!

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