Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Do They Do That?! Part 6

Awww MAN! Our time of daily blogging is almost up. Secretly I'm thinking "THANK GOD! You people are nosey!" Actually there are some parts of this that have been fun - the random comments or thoughts sprinkled through out the day. I really like sharing the randomness of me, but maybe it really should be in a more random pattern than daily.
So the morning activities left nothing out of the ordinary. A decided not to brush her hair again today, and I'm tired of telling her every day. If she pushes me too far I'll put visual prompts in her bathroom. I was hopeful that some little social thing would happen to cue her that she needed to brush her hair every day, but the kids in her class are too nice. Oh well. Dropped them off at school. I'm thinking it's almost time for drive through drop off instead of parking and walking them in every day. They barely pause to tell me goodbye.
I was excited that I had training today. Usually they are relaxing and somewhat fun, but today was the opposite. Of course the title had the dreaded "TAKS" word in it, and that should have been a hint. Our training scheduling software told me to go to one building so I went there after stopping at school to drop a note to the sub about something I forgot in the 3 pages of notes I left. When 8:30 hit and NO ONE was there to open the building I got suspicious. Finally a lady showed up, but she wasn't for my training. She did call the main office to see if was in the right place. Yes I was in the right place, then another person showed up. We decided to call the person who booked the room, yes in the right place. 3 more people show up. Lets call the person doing the training - nope we need to be across district. Off we drive to get there some time before the first break. We get to the front office 2 ladies have a map of where to go, but we need to check in. While checking in the receptionist gets a call - the class is moving to another room. Apparently it's the 3rd room move of the day. Great the class hasn't even started yet! Some banter was had about how the system told us wrong, and the instructor said "I sent you an e-mail". I was blunt about how she had sent a billion e-mails about this training so by the time that e-mail hit I didn't even read it. Actually I was frustrated about the training because it's a training to administer a test that I don't have any students taking and shouldn't based on the services I provide. No matter. I can be a team player and be ready to administer the test if needed. After a brief power point with a lot of terminology I have never been exposed to we were set free to go through the on-line training modules and tests. SpEd teachers do not sit, nor do they sit for long periods of time. I even sew, scrap, stamp standing! Today I sat. And sat. And sat. And listened to boring slides being read to me randomly on line. Not every slide was read, and there was no pattern to which slides would be read. There were pull out sections and tabs, and buttons all over the place so you had to look hard not to not miss something. I got through the first of 4 modules when the instructor says, "Who do you have on TAKS Alt?" "No one." "Oh, then you don't have to do this training. You can go if you need to." Lady - I started this mess I'm finishing it. It also bugged me because I had e-mailed a few weeks ago saying, "I don't have anyone on this test do I need to be at this training." All subsequent e-mails were mass e-mails saying "THIS TRAINING IS MANDATORY" - hence not reading the location e-mail because it was wedged in with a MANDATORY e-mail. By the time I finished the training I was a mess!!!! It stressed me out so much that I almost had to go for a walk. The kids needed a lot of support today, and my team covered pretty well. It was just nuts. I got back to school in time to put out a few fires, get the kids home, meet with NJHS kids, that type of thing. It was a whirl wind.
After that I rushed to pick up A for Daisy's swung by the house to get her stuff, and hung out at the troop meeting. Nate picked up Z and took him to cheer somewhere in there. Came home to make a great meal of Mac and Cheese (box kind - yuck) and hot dogs. Fought the kids to eat dinner, fought Z to do homework, fought with A about visiting her friend, fought A to take a shower early because she's been lallygagging too long at night. Checked e-mail to see if Z's math teacher responded to the phone conference request (she didn't). Wrote this blog post and headed to eat ice cream in bed without the kids :) Some days it's good to me the mom! You can't convince me that homes all over the place didn't have a day similar to ours.

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