Thursday, November 25, 2010

To Dallas To Dallas To Buy A....

Every holiday from school I love to go on little road trips - ok some times they are not so little. This holiday Jennifer and I went on a bit of a road trip. It was such fun that we did it twice in the same day. To Dallas, To Dallas, To buy A LOT of fabric. No road trip is complete without at least a stop at an antique shop or two. On the way up to Dallas we stopped at an antique shop / dog museum. It's the second time I've been to this shop and always find interesting bobbles. I was tickled by a little sign that hung on the side of a booth. It read, "Buy antiques. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." it could have read, "Buy antiques. Save the landfill." and I would have been equally tickled. I love to shop antiques / junk shops for this various purpose. I love the idea of reduce / reuse / recycle / re-purpose. Anything to lessen the impact on the environment. I found this really cute vintage luggage that was deco-paged with vintage patriotic ephemera. IN LOVE!!!!!!! Even though it has the Battle Hymn of the Republic on it. Would be better with Dixie, but what is a Yankee gone Southerner to do. Guess it will be my little nod to my birth state, but don't be surprised if that little ditty gets a bit covered with other patriotic stuff. I will say it's a great song. Strong. Now I must stop talking about this or I'll get on a civil war rant.

After that brief stop we ran up to Dallas and shopped at several stores on Harry Hines Blvd. I bought fleece for scarves, and fleece for the Daisey's to turn into blankets for Linus Connection. Then a few yards of cotton to make Little Dresses for Africa. It was such fun! We also had lunch at this wonderful little restaurant called Mama's Daughter's Diner. It's always good to ask the shop keepers where to eat. They'll never lead you astray. I enjoyed a grilled ham and cheese, my favorite when at a diner.

We left Dallas and stopped to shop the square in Waxahatchi. Such a beautiful little square. They already had it decorated for Christmas with figurines of characters from A Christmas Carol.

Some of the quotes they pulled for the book pages were just beautiful. I think I must reread that story. I thought I would share a bit of the architecture with you because it was just so beautiful!

History of the County Court House. This is actually the 4th building. The first was made from logs. Would have loved to seen that!

Daughters of the Confederate anyone? We have this statue at out county courthouse, but it's not as well placed in relation to the architectural back drop. Loved the stateliness of this image.

Amazing clock tower! Notice the eagle in flight? Someone planned how to position that figure just right.

Cute little building.

Loved the little details on this building. The frames in the windows as well as the sculpted flourishes.

Funky little gate down a side street. Don't you just LOVE IT!
Classic car!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!


Who doesn't love a bicycle planter ;)

When we finished scoping out the square we went to get back into the car. Funny thing about the car... Jennifer walked me through the parallel parking nightmare that was necessary for parking on the square. Props to the woman who knows how to do it! When we got back into the car Jen noticed something. It's funny when you think about it. She had brought two pairs of shoes for the trip - just in case. Well, at some point in the day she lost one of the shoes little mate. We knew exactly where it was - Dallas!!!! Thank goodness for smart phones. We looked up the number for Mama's Daughter's Diner and called to inquire about the shoe. Off to the parking lot they went. Sure enough there the lonely shoe sat. Into the cool air condition of the building it was brought and stories told about how it was saved for it's little friend. We weren't too far from Dallas, nd who doesn't enjoy a little side trip to Dallas at about 5pm? Traffic wasn't to bad on the way up, and we used the HOV lane on the way down. That HOV lane is SWEET! We watched as the traffic piled up going north bound for no other reason than it was I-35. In Waco they had shut down one lane for repairs. We were so grateful to be going south! Jen took me to Taco Bueno. Never had them before, but it worked. It had been about 80 degrees and was still a bit warm despite the sun dropping. In Taco Bueno it was FREEZING! People were in jackets and sweaters. We just ate as quickly as possible and discussed eating taco's in the car. The side of rice and beans prevented me from agreeing to that idea, just the images of rice and beans flying through the car cracked me up! In all it was a great day with a great friend. Thinking of the next Random Road Trip :)


  1. Amazing they had the shoe! Great photos of Texas architecture! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at Forgetfulone.

  2. Sounds and looks like you had a great trip! Fantastic photos!!


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