Thursday, March 24, 2011

Computers, Games, etc.....

I was inspired to post this because of THIS post at Lemon Squeezy.

When Z entered kinder they introduced him to the world of computers. He had seen them, but never really done anything with them. He would come home wanting to play the game he played at school on our computer and I had to tell him that we didn't have that one. When I did let him on the computer it was frustrating because he was so inept at it. At some point we caved in and bought a V-Smile system. He was horrible at that too. They joy stick baffled him.

A is in kinder now. She really hadn't been on the computer until school and friends introduced them. She had played the V-Smile, and we recently added a Wii to the playroom. Funny thing is - she's a natural at the computer. She knows what web pages to go to, but Z doesn't know what you're talking about when you ask him what web page he got is project information from. It's amazing how different they are.

I really wanted to write a post affirming Christi. It's sad that she had to justify how little time she allowed her children or how little the monetary equivalent is. Our kids don't even play 30 minutes a week on the computer or game systems. The Wii goes weeks off. The V-Smile got unplugged the other day to make room for other things (a blue ray because we decided it's becoming the standard). As for computers... I'm trying to allow for more time on them so that they can do their school work without looking like a fool.

Not sure I'm ready to go as far as coupons for electronics time though. That might encourage them to spend more time on the computer. They don't miss it any way (ok A does some times). I like that they play outside or play Legos', or read, or whatever and it's not electronics. So Christi - you go girl!

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  1. It's true--the more time outside and just being kids is great! And every chance I get, they lose computer for misbehavior, so that's also a way to take away some time:). Have a great day, Ellen!


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