Saturday, March 05, 2011

Feeling Springy!

I can feel Spring coming in! I think it's a little earlier this year because I don't usually start having these "problems" until after TAKS, but they're here. And remember problems are a matter of perspective.
1. Accidentally forgetting to send the kids to bed on a school night because we're doing our thing. What ever that may be. I confess - we get into crafting, or a show, or eating out, or playing, or what ever and then I go "OH CRAP! We have school tomorrow!" Maybe this is why I hate the H word so much. Interferes with our quality time.
2. I have an extreme desire to dine alfresco. All I can think about is which restaurants offer patio seating and cool beverages. Honestly - why live in Central Texas if you don't take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor seating or views.
3. My mind keeps coming up with great little activities to do with the kids - outdoors!
4. I put my space heater away. I like my craft room a little toasty in the winter. It's the only times I can wear shorts and a t-shirt.
5. Sunday evening comes around and I start making plans for the next day. Then I remember that I have to put those plans on hold for 5 days because there's school. Then I'm bummed for a bit. Maybe we should end school in March. It would greatly help me out. But then we couldn't start school until October / November. 6 months of school might work....
6. I want to cook. Fun stuff though. Pies, cookies, grilled stuff, picnic foods.
7. I want to have ice cream in the park - at midnight - in our pajamas. Why not?
8. Can't wait for those warm spring showers so that we can go splashing in the puddles.
Maybe I should finish our family picnic quilt......

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