Monday, May 23, 2011

It's That Time of Year - Get Your Craft On!!!!

I have 7.5 instructional days left. Count them! 7.5 instructional days! When I get to thinking about it it's really more like 4 days of instruction and then party city (but don't encourage the kids)! I've had the summer set mind for a while now, but this weekends crop really started me thinking SUMMER!!!! In my mind summer = crafting (with a few other fun things thrown in for good measure).
This weekend I had the honor of attending the second Cougar Crop at Lone Star Retreat Center. If you haven't been there you must! Karmen makes it a great little get away without a ton of driving. Basically we pay a minimal fee to cover utilities and Karmen lets us use the space. Each participant also brings items for the Running Brushy Cougar Cupboard. Our goal this time was to get a jump start on the summer needs.

The first day of donations.

All the groceries from the crop loaded in my car. Not sure the scrap stuff will fit back in ;)
I first attended one of Karmen's cops in February (I think), and just fell in love with the ladies I met there! They were such a friendly group who were kin from the start. It was so funny because I signed up to go by my self and was petrified that I would be stuck at this weekend crop with a bunch of bitties. As I walked up to the door I was in shock! It was pitch black outside (in the country, in Texas), but the light shining through the door was a warm yellow. The first thing I saw as I parked my car was Brenda! A friend from school! I walked in and she immediately started rearranging tables so that I could sit with her. One of our other friends knew that we both were attending a crop this weekend and said we were probably going to the same crop. Laughing! We were!!!! Any way - the ladies were so nice that I could have sat anywhere and felt at home. We laughed so hard! Such a crazy group of ladies! The next thing I know they are talking about having a charity crop for Cougar Cupboard! What a giving group of ladies! I love each of them as if I have known them for ever! This is the second Cougar Crop we've held and I can't wait to hold more charity crops for those in need. I have been back for other crops and just enjoyed the heck out of myself. It's not too far that I can commute if needed, but it's worth the late night laughter to stay there. I get so torn about safe driving home or staying to socialize.
By now you're asking what I got accomplished this weekend. I made 48 cards, and blinged out 6 pairs of tennis shoes for A's dance class. I was super excited. I forgot to take a picture of one of the cards, but I can show you the other stuff.
Ain't she precious! Her sentiment is "Sometimes we all need a little time out".  I learned a new coloring technique and just LOVE it! So simple and makes beautiful cards!

I did not design this card because I was trying out the supplies, but I LOVE the card. I know a few people that need one of these! You can't see it, but the frog is shades of green. Everything is colored.

OK - how fun is that little toad stool! Everything is colored in and there's a grass patch under the toad stool.

Here are all the pretty little shoes. Super simple to make! I cannot wait to see all the girls in their shoes!

So - you see - my creative juices are just flowing! The social butterfly has definitely landed on my shoulder! What better way to mix the two than a few little creative games! I have 3 lined up, but will announce the first one today. Trust me - you will want to play all 3.

Game #1 - Round Robin Image Exchange - DEADLINE TO REGISTER is JUNE 2
Please remember that this is a game. The sole purpose is to have fun. No stress. No worries about being "fair" just FUN!
Here's how we're going to do this. I'm going to stamp a lot of images (quantity depends on number of players). I'm going to mail the package to the first person on the list. That person will take up to a certain number of images (also based on the number of players), and replace them with images of their own. Then they will mail the package to the next person on the list and so on until the last person mails it back to me. I will put a rule sheet in the box so we all can remember them. I write pretty explicit directions (hazard of my job) so hopefully there will not be any confusion. Now let me get you some important details...
1. Use 110lb white paper (I know this link is to grey paper, but I couldn't find the link for white). Cut into quarters.
2. Stamp using ink that won't run when using Copics or water colors (like Stazon).
3. What ever number of images you take, you replace (up to the max based on the number of participants, but that will be in the box)
4. You have 1 week from receipt of box to mail out to the next person. Please use flat rate shipping to keep costs low or contact the person you are giving to and deliver (or meet at Archivers if you're so compelled). We are having out of the area players so be ready to ship to them.
If you meet at Archivers let us know - we could all meet up, because you know we just need an excuse :)

How to sign up:
E-mail me your name and address saying that you want to play "ROUND ROBIN IMAGE EXCHANGE".
Can't wait to play!

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