Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just going with it

Many people expressed their desires as to when they wanted me to get foot surgery. Though I'm grateful that they love me so much that they want me to be healthy, there were reasons that I didn't ask their opinion on when to have the surgery. I did ask that they just laugh with me about the idea of a completely immobile me. Actually this is exactly why I didn't ask for opinions on when. I am a do-er. I do not know how to just sit and watch TV. When the TV is on I am crafting, reading, prepping materials for something. Just no sitting for extended periods of time. We went to see Rango at the dollar movies the other day and I couldn't sit still in the theater. DROVE ME NUTS!
The other factor into the timing of this event is that I'm a planner. I like things to be arranged and to have plenty of time to arrange them. I do not feel that I have enough time to plan for 10 days on my butt followed by 6 weeks of a walking boot if I do the surgery "now". It also greatly inhibits my plans for the end of summer and back to school. I am a planner to the point that I have my Girl Scout meetings planned out in advance and have rehearsed them in my mind several times for timing and such. Keep in mind that this is an hour long lesson for 6 year olds. They are happy to play and run around (which I do plan into that time). I am learning to not stress when they change the plans. When we have NJHS induction each year it is scripted out completely and the timing always falls dead on. The kids never worry about what they are going to say because they know I have it completely scripted for them.
I have picked a date I'm comfortable with at this point - I can move it if I chose to. One of the things I like about this doctor is that he knows I'm crazy and lets me plan for when I'm comfortable. He tried to schedule before vacation and I just wasn't ready. He was patient with me and said we would talk after vacation. We talked after vacation and he recognized that there was something stopping me so he said I could call and schedule when I'm ready. I think I had convinced my self that this would be no big deal and I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. By the time I got to the doctors office last week and had decided that surgery was needed I had images of a real quick, in office, go in with a little scope, take the water bubble out, go home with a band-aid type procedure. That is not the case. It's a go in, remove water bubble, shave bone, type thing. If I stand on my foot in that 10 days I will have life long problems and risk my foot not healing. I actually have to follow doctors orders. If I don't limit my mobility for the following 6 weeks I can really mess up my foot. The timing has to be right for me.

So I'm in planning mode. I've decided that I'm on the search for one of those bed tray thingies. I can do stuff if I have a bed tray. I'm working on finishing up sewing projects and putting aside any projects I can do on the bed tray thingy. I need 10 days of activities you know. I can get my school year started off the way I want and miss only about a week of school. This makes me happy. Every teacher knows that you do not want to miss in the first 6 weeks of school. I have time to detail clean my bedroom and maybe even put up pictures or paint. I go nuts looking at those walls in the evenings. 10 days will be unbearable! I'm hopeful that my timing will be when people are slowing down for a bit, and the kids schedule won't be as nuts because our kids have CRAZY schedules and getting them places is complicated. So in all I'm happy with my timing, but feel a need to plan things out a bit. I have a to do list in my head so that I will be comfortable being in bed for 10 days.
Helpful things from friends - I'm putting together a basket of stuff to do while in bed for 10 days. I would LOVE your ideas! Pray for good TV during that time. I'm going to need it. I also need to find another author because I've read almost all of Mary Kay Andrews. Aghh! So much to do so little time!

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