Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Did That Stitch Card Go?

Remember the post about my sewing class at Stitch Lab? I mentioned the loss of my stitch card for my machine. Well, a darling friend of mine Julie found one on line for me. YEAH!!!! In the other post I said that I found a great place for that card and I would tell you about it later. Today is the day!
This past week we went to New Mexico for vacation. A said that she wanted to sew something for Nee Nee while we were on vacation. Nate was not as excited about the idea as I was. He was concerned that we would bring too much STUFF! It was a challenge, and we were ready to accept it. We managed to pack everything in one container (except the sewing machine since that had to be on it's own).

Isn't it cute? I picked up this little pink make-up case a couple weeks ago in Georgetown while thrifting. I thought A would like to use it for something since it was pink, but instead I found a use for it. Wanna' know how I packed it?
Here is everything in it's place.

The pattern on top of the fabric. Yes - I've used this patten and I got the parts back in the envelope. It's a miracle!

Fabric - a little washed out from the flash. I want to say there were 8 yards of fabric packed in that little box.

Stabilizer - might need that. Did, because the pattern didn't call for it, but I thought the purse needed it.

All the little things. Spool of white, spool of black, cone stand, couple pairs of scissors.

Stuff inside the plastic tub. Pins, bobbins, threaders, needles....

A better look a what was inside the plastic box. Who wants needles roaming around?

Did you catch where my stitch card went?
The mirror is a perfect spot!

The little pink case was only an addition to my growing collection. I now have 4 cases. Each with it's own unique purpose. I might have to keep my eye out for a few more :)
Little cream colored one that needs some love.

I actually used it as a make-up case for A's dance recital. It was perfect!

My blue beauties :)

This one holds all things inky - I LOVE ink!

This one holds markers, map pencils, Copics, a lighter, and my new favorite toy - Gamsol!

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  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Hey!! Love the use of the cases. Mention these to our new librarian. She collects old suitcases. You two may have a lot in common.

    I love reading your blogs, they teach, motivate, and entertain ME!! lynn

    not sure about the profile....


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