Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review: The Secret Lives of Dresses

I had a personal goal of reading one book over the holiday break and I did it.

This book was charming. It was an easy read with not a whole lot of drama. Just a glimpse into a young woman's journey into finding her passion. I would definitely recommend it. I picked it up because of the cover really. I loved the yellow dress and wanted to know about that dress. Of course that wasn't what the book was about. What I did discover is something about me. I love to go junking and not just for the sake of collecting junk. A hoarder I am not. I love the idea of the stories behind an object. I had never thought about it until this book, but I love to think about the previous owners and the journey of their lives through the object.
Last time I went to Blue Hanger I bought 2 suitcases because they were there. They had the beautiful proper script of the previous owner. I just thought of the journeys the woman must have used them for before they ended up in a giant blue bin being passed over for all the new fangled gadgets and imported junk people think they can resell at the flea market. Then I saw a beautiful brown briefcase. It too had the insert card with the gentleman's name on it and his phone number (pre 7 digits). Can you just imagine this man walking down Congress Avenue in his hat and jacket carrying the briefcase full of his day's work. Maybe even a little brown bag with a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and an apple. Each crease made by the delicate hands of his young bride. His thoughts on her and the romance they shared. Or how wonderful it felt to play catch with his son in the yard the night before.
I didn't realize this until reading The Secret Lives of Dresses. I didn't realize that in my own mind there were stories with the objects I purchased. I just might have to share the story next time I pick up a treasure.

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