Sunday, March 18, 2012

Package Pals with C.R.A.F.T.

As some of you know I love reading blogs! One of the ones I read regularly is C.R.A.F.T. and is written by a fellow teacher Jamie. Jamie was local, but moved to be with her new hubby :) Every other month she coordinates this really cool thing called Package Pals. People sign up and she pairs them up. Then the people share a little bit about themselves, maybe chat by email. Then they send each other little care packages in the mail. Of course these are all crafty people because that's the blog we are reading so they do get a little bit crafty. I had intended to post sooner, bu time escaped me. I wanted to share what I sent to my partner. I do have to laugh because my package went on a small journey. I sent it to the address on the e-mail which was in California. That was interesting because the postal woman was very concerned that the package might not get there. The zip code didn't match the town in the computer. We decided to go on faith. The package did arrive in California, but that wasn't my package pal. My package pal only lives about 2 hours away from me in Central Texas. The kind recipient in California contacted Jamie and kindly sent it to my pal in Texas. Hope she likes it!

The whole kit and caboodle. Smash Album stuff, cards, and rolls of ribbon and fabric to decorate packages with.

Close up of the ribbon and fabric strips. I pinned some of them with glass beaded straight pins. Super cute!

Close up of the cards I sent her. They are not original designs. They are straight out of the SU! catalog.

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