Monday, May 21, 2012

8 1/2 Days, and Counting

It's almost here!!! I can't wait!!! Summer break is almost here and ready for fun! One more Monday duty day! Summer mentality has been creeping in around here lately. We've been forgetting to watch the clock for bed time. (Sorry teachers that the kids are getting tired earlier than usual.) We've been starting projects in the morning only to frantically leave for school because we remembered that it was a school day - still. Oh well - you only have this day once - right?!

I was reading my back log of blogs (something about school getting in my way of blog reading). One of the bloggers posted her 12 must do activities for the summer of '12. Loved her list because there were things that I though, "Oh yeah! That would be AWESOME!!!" So, of course, I posted her list to my Facebook page to see what other people had on their list. Then a friend said, "Blog it! I'd totally read it." (Thanks Paulette!)

I was already starting this post when she said it, but then I actually had to think about what my 12 would be. Here they are in no particular order.

1.  Oatmeal Whoopie Pies - Why you ask? Why not! I have a pinning problem. I LOVE to pin! I pin so much that I could never complete everything I pin. I can see A and friends baking with me, mixing the ingredients in their bowls, sticky hands molding the cookies, and marshmallow fluff covered smiles as we build the towers of sweetness. I LOVE cooking with kids! If we don't get to this sweet treat I'm sure there will be another.

2. Talking about cooking with kids, working on a cook book for my kids. My friend Tammy (some times lovingly referred to as my dealer - my SU dealer) brought back some great ideas from her leadership conference. One of them was a digi book where the lady took pictures of the food, paired with recipes, and the stories that go with them. I saw it and instantly thought that I had to do this for my kids! I want to collect foods and stories through out our journey together and give it to them when they leave my home. 

3. Antiquing with friends. I love to thrift, junk, antique - what ever term you want to call it. I like to get a few ladies together who are a bit on the adventurous side. We hop in the car and set caution to the wind. Pick a road (preferably one less traveled) and stop where we want to. Anything that looks interesting, junky, or just plain fun. Stop at any road side stand to see what they have. Eat at the local greasy spoon and cross our fingers that our tummies are tough enough for the lack of sanitation. My favorite burger joint has a history of being closed down for many issues. I've taught my kids that if they see a police officer, fire fighter, or EMT eating at the restaurant the place is perfect. They seem o know the best places to eat.

4. Drive in movies. I hear there's one in Austin, Blue Light Theater. I must try it. Some friends of mine have done it before and said it was just too much fun. I see a double date in our future ;)

5. Package Pal's. I'm already signed up for June, but am thinking I need something off the beaten path. I love swapping packages in the mail with strangers. You never know what will arrive. Thinking I may want to do a color swap. Where everything in the package follows a specific color theme.

6. Symphony and picnic. One summer we spent Sunday dinner out. We would go to Whole Foods for food, and pack it in the wagon for a night of music. Austin Symphony Orchestra would serenade us as we enjoyed savory brisket, fresh fruit, exotic cheese, and cool beverages. Some times we would bring board games to play as we listened. The kids would run around, dancing to the music. It was a wonderful end to an amazing weekend.

7. Zilker Hill Side Theater - I have to admit that I enjoy this activity more as a girls night out. A friend of mine provides baked gods for concessions, so we go and sprawl out on a blanket to watch the performance of the season. This year is Sound of Music and I cannot wait! BTW - if you want some of the best baked goods in town you must call Angel's Bakery.

8. Creek Walk - I want to explore some new creeks. Last summer we took the Daisy's (soon to be Brownies) on a hike through Brushy Creek. It was so much fun to watch them explore the creek from a new perspective. I loved taking our under water viewers. The water was cloudy so we didn't see much under water, but they made excellent boat races! Creek suggestions anyone?

9. Clothing - Sewing - I have a little stash of fabric for some great summer clothing for A and I. Light weight and flirtatious comes to mind. I can see my new skirt flowing in the breeze as I drink cocktails at Iguana Grill or some other lakeside eatery. Plus I LOVE sewing!

10. Cards - I have actually used some of the cards I make. I can't wait to make more! I actually have one on my desk right now that I've been working on.

11. Crafting Madness - well, it is me. Of course I LOVE to craft!! I also love sharing crafting with kids. Have a few ideas brewing for this summer.

12. Reading - Last summer I read books written for adults. I had forgotten how fun reading could be. See I teach middle school and I had been reading nothing but books for teens. It was AMAZING to read something that was written for me! Some of the characters were just as scattered as me and loved the same things I loved. It was AWESOME! Right now I am gearing up for the Daisy's annual book drive for Leander Public Library. Wonder what books will end up in their stash! Did you know that Leander Library is 80% donated books?

Ok... you know I can't stop at 12. You'll just have to read this blog all summer long to know what we are up to. Happy day dreaming of summer!

13. Scouts
14. Camping
15. Back Yard fix-up
16. Dallas Arboretum
17. Pink Rose Tea Room
18. Cameron Park Zoo
19. Farmers Market - a big one.
20. Paint the house
21. Wine tours 
22. Texas History Tour
Well, I didn't want to forget one :)


  1. Creek Suggestion: Turkey Creek Trail

    1. That one looks AWESOME!!!


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