Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hebrews 11:1

My friend Karen suggested I take a look at Hebrews 11:1 - which I did. In my Bible it says "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." There were a few little notes in the margins and one of which I found entertaining. It said that Hebrews Chapter 11 is sometimes called "The Hall of Fame of the Faithful". I read the whole chapter and sure enough it lists some greats.

This verse sums up how we should be living our lives. Being sure that we hope for our place in Heaven, and being certain that it's there. I have full faith that God has a place for me there, though I've never seen it. I have seen that look of peace in people’s eyes as they come close to their death, and the preparation their souls have made to get that peace. That is the only proof I have that there is a place in Heaven for each of us. Not great empirical proof for those scientists out there.

I am sure that I hope to become a great teacher. (Not just a teacher, but a great teacher.) More important a better mom by being more available with time and of myself. Teaching will give me the opportunity to be physically with my children. CPS was always more than 40 hours a week. Teaching will allow me to eat dinner with my family - maybe even cook dinner. That in and of it's self will be amazing.

In the past when I was home part of my mind was focused on work. What I had to get done, remembering what I did so that it could be documented, concerned about families and meeting their needs, all those things that are intrusive to my quality time with my kids making the time not so quality.

Through out this process of uncertainty called life - I know one thing. I am certain that in the end I will have achieved God's purpose for me and be in Heaven with Him. That is the prize. Not getting the perfect job, having perfect children (they all come with faults) or any of those Earthly rewards we frequently pray for. I am certain that the prize for me is a place in Heaven and that God has already prepared it for me.

I am a child of God.
God is the King of Kings.
Therefore I am part of His royal court.
To God - I am the prize.

What is it that you hope for?
What is it that you're certain of?
Please feel free to post anonymous responses so that we can all pray for you.

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  1. Nathan11:42 AM

    Looking forward to having you home for dinner a lot more often. Just not so sure about that cooking thing...

    I mean when you can burn hamburger helper...



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