Monday, November 28, 2005

Toothless Grin

It has been a while since I posted so there should be a lot of information in this one. I thought I would start with the most recent thing though. Alyssa's 1st tooth popped through yesterday. This is a great thing because her Papa Pete gave her cream soda and sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving.

We decided that on a long weekend would be a great time to start working toward full nights sleep. That is going well. We haven't made it all night, but she's responding well. She's learning that she cannot eat to go to sleep.

Zander had a great Thanksgiving week. He stayed home the whole week and played with his friend Jadyn who was in from Phonix. Tony and Karen were house shopping for their move back to town. They found one and their house in Phoenix sold immediately. Things should go smoothly now - we hope! (OK they didn't always look this angelic while they played - they're normal 3 year olds!)

I finished my night classes for becoming a teacher, and look forward to getting interviewed for a teaching position. I put working on my portfolio on hold last week for Thanksgiving and our house of guests. This week I'm working on it in the evenings because I've been given the opportunity to substitute teach at the kid's school. Today was my first day. I'm greatful for this becuase the bit of money is appreciated for Christmas.

Talking about Christmas. I love on line shopping and e-mail. It appears that gift giving is carefully orchastrated between all parties this year. It also looks like people are keeping things under control - grandparents. I was able to make wish lists specific by creating links to the items. Very helpful!

We had our first Paperpalooza. The girls came over and worked on cards or scrapbook pages. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of socializing. I look forward to another event. Talking about that. Wendi Speciale made the cover of November's Scrapbook Answers (and a few times on the inside). The big monogram "B" on the cover is her creation. on pg 84 "Hangin' Around" the bar code stamp that reads "beyond measure" (full thing is "value beyond measure"). That stamp is her creation - and one of my favorites. She just re-released it. On pg 85 is Wendi's tag that she made for a tag class she taught at Scrapbook Crossing. I took the second class she offered on it, and it was wonderful. BTW - the magazine is great as well as the CD that comes with it - especially the fonts.

Well I'm tired and have to go for now. I'll have to blog more later.

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