Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I've spent last week working at Zander and Alyssa's school as a sub. It was different working with children all day long, a little exhausting. We did do a small art project with the infants which was exciting.

This week I've been working on the family Christmas cards and other gifts. Which I do have to get back to shortly. I'm posting pictures if the card since not everyone will get one. The front of the card is using Wendi's stamps. The wings are done with silver embossing powder, but the adore is using bleach. I used my favorite silver ink for the inside, and then used metalic gold paper to mat the white paper with the gold embossed brackets (also a Wendi Speciale). I also made some clear glass ornaments with glass charms suspended in them for gifts. I'm working on finishing them up right now as well as finishing the Christmas cards.

What I wanted to say today is very important. Under the Hebrews blog entry Nathan made a comment about my cooking - not completely undeserved. Well last night I made fried chicken that was extremely moist and tasty. For Thanksgiving I made a few pies that were great as well. If things keep going this way, I might cook yet. (And no not everything is made with cheese.)

Also Starting tomorrow I'll be working part time at Scrapbook Crossing . This will be great! I'll get to spend time in one of my favorite creative places with fellow creative people. I'll also be supporting my habit. It also allows time for continuing with my teacher certification things. Just wanted to send a brief note today - gotta' go craft.

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