Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Zander keeps telling us that it's Jesus' birthday - this is fun for several reasons. It's great that he understands why we're celebrating, and that his focus is on Jesus instead of the presents. Don't get me wrong - he certainly enjoyed the presents. He has played non stop with his picnic set and stick horse. It is the neatest thing to watch. It's also been fun watching Alyssa explore her new toys and continue trying to walk. She was practicing her walking yesterday when she fell and scraped her eye on Zander's new picnic set. A little scrape must happen in everyone's life. Since it's Jesus birthday, Zander has decided to start discussing his birthday party and who he's inviting. Still haven't learned if it's going to be a cowboy or a pirate party yet. My vote is cowboy. We still have 5 months until the party so who knows what we'll end up with.

Nathan has taken the mister mom role this week since I have to work 3 days this week. I think today they might go rock wall climbing with Uncle Luke. I'll be able to meet up with them in time for dinner.

Talking about work - I just saw that for the next 3 days we're offering 30% off! I think I convinced Nathan to go get my case that I wanted. I finally finished all the touches I wanted on my January story board. January 21 10-noon I'm teaching techniques to use on vellum, and we're making luminaria's. There are extra suprises included in the class that I'm not advertising - so you'll just have to come to see it. February I'm teaching about words and you get "Designing with Words" by The Sophisticated Scrapbook with the class tuition. This will be a great class for those who just can never find the words to express their thoughts in their projects. I'm excited about the classes I'm teaching and the opportunity to share some old and new techniques with people. Talking about techniques - I'm working on my entry for the 2006 design team at Scrapbook Crossing. We need to use mulberry paper and the theme resolutions. I have an idea that I'm formulating and look forward to a few moments to work on it. Just a word of advice - when using alcohol ink watch out what surface you're doing it on - I turned a nice tv tray into a definite craft tray when cleaning it off. The project looks beautiful though!

I look forward to sharing with you all in 2006. Maybe I'll get some pictures of the kids up soon (scrape and all).

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