Tuesday, December 27, 2005

And we're off...

Alyssa has started her crawling phase! Last night we were playing with Alyssa on the bed when she chose to dart for the remote control. To our amazement she quickly took the crawling stance and went right for it! She was not discouraged when we moved the remote. I was at work today, but Nathan says the crawling continued today. She'll be off and running before we know it!

Alyssa apparently also enjoyed Goldfish crackers today. She liked the tortilla's until they got stuck on the roof of her mouth, which I guess would frustrate anyone.
Our little girl is growing up.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week, and it's the last day of the biggest sale we've ever had (30% off EVERYTHING!). I think that this week at work might be less crazy than this weekend will be. Garrison comes in from his travels which started in Iraq, Tony Karen and Jayden come in from Arizona until their furniture comes and they can move in to their new house, and Ren Yi comes in from Stanford (she'll be staying at my in laws place though). I certainly look forward to all the time we'll get to spend together as a family and with our close friends.

I finally got my story board up for my luminary class! I wasn't the last one - yeah! I'm planning February's class right now as well. At this point I'm just too excited about sharing some cool scrapbooking tecniques with people. I also bought a book that I'm thinking about for March. I'll have to keep everyone posted on how these classes are going. I've scheduled them right after the Darash Women's Ministry meeting so that I'm time managing well.


  1. ren-yi5:40 AM

    Stanford? wrong coast :) coming from Princeton! when are you guys going to visit?! :P

  2. Congrats on the crawling!

  3. Lori_Lambert@dell.com5:42 AM

    For your alphabet book for Z-Man, you need to find a railroad crossing sign; the one with an "X" on it! Have fun!!! God's Blessings to you and yours - always.


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