Friday, January 06, 2006

Quick update

Well life around the house has been anything but slow. We've had guests come and go - one still here. Makes for entertainment since I never know who will be at my house when I get there or what the plan for the day is.

While all this has been going on I got my test scores back for my special education certification and I passed with a 275 / 300. Yeah!!! I sent these scores to a contact who's helping me get my observation hours in, and he asked if I had an application on file with the district yet. Maybe I'll get a job teaching soon. Love the scrapbook store so I don't know if I'll have to give that up or not.

My design team project is due today and I had major issues last night so I have to go up there and get more supplies. I do hope to make the team.

Nate and I are discussing changes in our small group. It might be time to shake things up a little and go deep. Gotta' talk to the group about it. One things for sure - we need a new name.

The weather here is nice and warm, but that means that the cedar trees are excited. I've tried to combat the cedar fever with benadryl, alavert, and niquil. Not working - today I have no voice.

Progress is being made on Women of Faith - we have 3 people with a deposit. 52 to go to fill the bus and make it cost effective. We'll see how that goes.

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