Wednesday, January 25, 2006

February Class

Just wanted to share with you all the project I did for Scrapbook Crossing. I think it's going to be a great class full of useful information and a great project. It was difficult to keep the price down while doing both a project and having a book included in the price, but I kept the cost to $30. It's an accordian album with tags. The inside photos didn't turn out well, but you get the idea. Please feel free to sign up for the class by calling Scrapbook Crossing. The class is called Speechless and is about using words in your projects. I've invited everyone to bring a trouble project that they need help on for the group to brainstorm over. This will be a great class.

Prior to the class we'll have the second Darash Ministry Meeting. It went so well this past weekend. It seems that everyone has the same vision for the ministry and we'll just have to see where it goes. It is apparent that the main objective is outreach. Loving it! All this happens on February 18.

I have been dilligently working on my design team projects. I am so excited about them and where I've been inspired to go with them. Since there's not room to explain why I did things the way I did on the projects at the store I'm just going to have to post and explain here.

I've also been greatly inspired by Pinecone Press. This month's theme is Big Shot. I can't wait to see my ideas on paper. Still reading the book though so that I have a further base for my design. I learned a lot at the last meeting.

Everyone at the store, the design team, Pinecone Press, and at Running Brushy (where I'm observing) has been so positive and supportive. I LOVE the environment I'm in now. It is such a blessing and I don't have to continualy watch over my shoulder. It is a great inner peace to know that there are such good hearts out there. I am excited by all the new chapters in my life!

Alyssa was sick this past week - Roto Virus very yukkie. Everyone understood when I had to take off to care for her, and I didn't feel that I had to hop on line and work while she slept. It was great to just care for her. No worries. She's doing much better, but dairy is still out.

Talking about community. We're having a huge group of people over for dinner tomorrow and it's exciting! There are friends that have been too busy and friends that lived too far, but they're going to be there. I can't wait to get that sense of comfort watching everyone together again. We're all in different phases of life than when we driffted, but we're still together.

Any way - gotta go to work so I'll have to keep working on my projects and let ya'll know how they look.

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