Saturday, January 28, 2006

January Design Team

I thought I would explain this crazy layout a little bit. I was given this lovely diamond patterened MOD paper and it said - you need to make this into a sunshine. Well I had no ideas as to what photos or journaling etc. Started thinking about it and the song "You are my Sunshine" came to mind. When I think of that song I think of a dream I had about Zander once - not helpful for photos. Anyway I was determined to use these thoughts with the paper so I searched my photo database and found a photo Nate recently took of Zander at the park that worked perfectly. Nathan commented that he didn't think the photo would be good for anything, but that it's perfect in this layout. So I set to work measuring, cutting, and adhering my beautiful MOD sun. I hinged the sun to hide the journaling, and used a verigated thread to stitch alonf the perimiter of the sun and again on the inside. On the back page I also stitched rays. It was my first time sewing on paper. Very interesting. Still have one more project to go!

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