Sunday, April 02, 2006

Long time waiting

Well it's April already and I'm looking forward to evenings on the porch. We spent all day yesterday outside. I went to Wimberley to Market Days where Julie had her first jewelry booth. I was very impressed and can't wait till her next show.

Nathan and the kids went to the park with Papa Pete. I think they had a great time. Alyssa has a giant goose egg from standing up and subsequently falling out of the wagon. She loves the wagon, and any form of bike. We put a little swing in the front tree and she absolutely loves that - higher and faster. I'm waiting for a letter from the neighborhood association on it.

Kids camp went so well that I can't wait to do one in May. Wish I had been prepared for April. I'm getting ready for Women of Faith and have enjoyed all the connections made with the women around me. I look forward to further opportunities to get to know them. I'm also getting ready for next school year. I'm fairly certain about a teaching contract where I want it, but am open to what may come.

I've actually taken some time to do my own projects for a change, and got Zander's alphabet book almost complete - missing W and X. I did find a photo for W, and looking for the perfect X. He took the book to show and tell before it was done. Crazy kid.

I also did this layout with a funky orange color paper of Alyssa. It turned out beautiful.

We will see how many more projects I get done in the near future.

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