Saturday, April 26, 2008

For today

Note - I added my photos. Look at the crazy girls!!!!

My kit did come in on Monday, and I would totally post the pic's, but DH helped me and now I don't know how to upload pic's from my camera. I also want to post the really cute photos of A and her BFF K today!!! We went to buy birthday cakes for Z, A, and K today (A and K are sharing a party). While we were at Fantasy Cakes in Round Rock the girls were so cute playing. This place is the best cake place around. No web site or I would link it. Any way - ordered A and K a carousel cake that is just too cute for words! Can't wait to post those pics. Odered Z a cake with an SUV puling a boat on it. He's having a transportation party. I'm currently woking on his invites since I'm finally done with A and K's - yes I'll post pic's because they are just sooo cute!!!! While at Fantasy Cakes we hd to go to a neighboring shop to use the potty - let me tell you we did that trip quickly!!!! When we got back to the restrooms there was a large freezer in the hall. On top of the freezer were crates of tomatos, and another set of crate with eggs in them. They were sitting right there in the hallway by the bathroom in front of a window! Talk about danger zone for food!!! I was shocked. Thank goodness it wasn't at Fantasy Cakes!!!!

When we left Fantasy Cakes we were driving down the road when we saw teens advertising a car wash. Little fundraiser for the school you know. Generally I just worry about safety as they stand close to the road with their signs. Today was another issue. We had A and K in the car (who will be 3 next month). This young man approaches the car and shows us his bikini undies - twice! Then he starts to erotically dance with the sign pole next to the girls car window! I debating calling the cops, but opted for turning around and telling the adult on site. That mother who was chaperoning was apalled!!! I felt bad for her because she didn't know the boy and the teacher had just stepped off site quickly for a drink.

We went for a treat today and had lunch at Monument Cafe. Of course there's a link! Took the greatest pics there, but they are stuck on my camera at the moment. The girls were just too cute!!! We ate a great lunch and ended the meal with the Monument Chocolate Pie. It has a candied pecan crust that's to die for! K took herfirst bite and she was chewing then I saw this look on her face and asked "Do you like nuts?" As I was asking she was pulling the plate toward her to spit out the nuts - guess not. So funny!

Of course after that was nap time for everyone. I have hurt my shoulder and I don't have a Dr's appointment until Monday. Carrie drove to help out my shoulder which was greatly appreciated! It just hurts all the time now and it hurts so much that I feel sick to my stomach. There are moments of numbness, times when there are cold spots on my skin, things like that. I can't wait for it to get fixed. I'm concerned though that treatment will have to wait a week because of TAKS. I need to be at school to administer those tests. I really like how the state has aligned the accommdations and allowed for some serious individualization of them. I feel that it will greatly help my students out since the accommodations actually match their disabilities now. Even kids with mental health issues have accommodations that better match their needs, and that's just tricky.

Off to finish Z's cards! Just wanted to update you!

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