Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stalking the Post Box - A Scrappers Anticipation

The other day there was a package on the door step. I knew that it wasn't my Spring Survival Kit because they wouldn't be shipped until later in the week. It is my birthday so I thought maybe it was a gift. When I looked at the label I noted that it went to the house of the same number one block over. The next day Nate was talking to the man of the house only to discover that it was indeed scrapbooking materials. His wife and daughter are seriously into it and receive monthly shipments like I do. Such a small world!
Thursday was the start of shipping day for Spring Survival. I didn't even bother to check the mail. No way would it be here. Friday no kit. Saturday I decided to photograph my journey stalking the post box for my kit.

After a long day out scrapping and visiting Alyssa was crashed in her seat. I was ready for a nap my self. As we drove up Lakeline images of beautiful white shipping boxes with red and blue racing stripes floated around in my head. I started to imagine the joy of opening up the mail box to find that special key, or walking up to the porch to find it sitting on the stoop like a lost puppy that found his way home.

I turned the corner into the neighborhood and saw the row of glistening silver mail boxes. Keys dangling from the parcel boxes where packages had already been claimed. Several were without a key - could it be for me? I pulled up next to the boxes, got out of the car, key at the ready.

I inserted the key into my designated box. The one that says "yes there is a package just for you". As I rotated the key in the lock, I shut my eyes tight, whispered a little prayer "God. That would be such an awesome amazing gift to have Spring Survival land in my hands for my birthday." I felt like a 10 year old on her special day waiting to see what that brightly wrapped package would hold.

As I opened the box this is what I found.....

An empty box. No mail, no key, no anything. Just as my hopes were shattering I thought "Well just maybe it's on my doorstep waiting for me." I got in the car, drove around the corner, smiled at the sunniness of the day, pulled in the driveway, only to catch a glimpse of a doorstep void of any packages.

Today is Sunday. No mail. We'll see what a great start to the week this package could be!

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