Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Weekend

I'm coming to you from a partially immobalized position, but really wanted to up date you on how the weekend has been going.

Friday I left school with absolutely nothing I had to take care of before my card class at Barb's. It was the greatest feeling! I didn't want to be 2 hours early, so I wandered over to (and through) Target and Office Max. Bought a couple small things, but nothing major. When I left there I still had about an hour before class - oh well I'll be early. Got out to Barb's, who lives in Lago Vista. Not a bad drive - high speeds, curvey roads, lots of little side roads without lights at the intersections... a death trap if yur not careful. The ride is totally worth it! Barb lives right on the lake with a beautiful screened in balcony that you can watch the boat traffic from. While Barb was in the shower I got to sit on the balcony in the beautiful spring weather socializing with Tom (her excentric huband that delighted us with his ecclecteic taste in music through out the evening. One moment classic rock, then classical, then Christian, then the UT fight song....). I loved having the quiet time. There were baby deer walking through the yard, and the rose bushes were in bloom. About 7pm we got around to making a few cards ;). The pictures are not good or else I would show you. Barb, Karen, Nancy Jean, Kathy and I just had a great time visiting. We're such a social group.
(sorry - you have to look at Dawn sideways. I'll have to work on that)

Saturday was realy fun!!!! Got up and went with Dawn to a class at Archivers. We ade acrylic albums. Something outside our box. We learned that we are just not planners so acrylic may be a little difficult for us. Hda lunch at TX Land and Cattle - at Kids Eat Free time - mistake, but added to the conversation. We counted one group with 15 kids in it. After that off to Teresa's for a pool party, but the kids were exhausted so I took Alyssa home for nap. While at home got a suprise call from Misty. She's headed into town can we go out tonight. Just the excuse I needed. Went to The Driskill Hotel of chocolate cake and drinks. They have a great chocolate cake that can heal about any ache. It was good to see her and the kids, and to just take a moment out.
This morning - DRAMA!!!! I hurt my shoulder getting dressed and cannot move my arm! Wnt to church where 37 kids got confirmed. Can I just say WOW!!!! They certainly have a greater understanding about God than I thought possible. It was just amazing. One kid shared his story of battling inner termiol his whole life because of a seperation from God, and now he knows God and is at peace. After that I took off to lunch at Freebirds. Love that place!!!! Giant barritos. Zander and Nate made foil critters while we were there. Arm still hurt at this point so we went over to Nate's paents house for a massage. Relieved some of the pain, but not for long. I think I'll just wait and see, but would like the ability to pull up my own pants.
I'm going to do a second post today. It's all about my stalking the post box. Scrapper's understand.

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