Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just a fun day

May 3 - fun day all around so I had to share! I spent the day up at church with lots of wonderful ladies at Grace Day. Here's a shot of the great ladies I got to sit with that day.

Here's our silly little gaggle of kids as we drove around the county. We were headed out to the Oasis for live music. DH decide he knew how to get there. I knew better than to say anything. Lets just say thank God for Google on our phones. Kept us in marital bliss.
Here's the kids dancing with NeeNee.
My friend Carrie - K's mom and K. Aren't they cute? See that beautiful sunset in the background? Did you know when the sun is setting at the Oasis everything stops to watch it, and then there's the applause. I just thought about how great it way to celebrate God's beauty in this way. So special to me at that moment.

Oh look!!!! A rare glimpse at me! I'm dancing with Z. I love those little moments where you get to treat him like a little gentleman instead of a kid. I know he won't always want me so close so I'll take it now.
To top off the evening the kids got to play in the spaceship structure at the Oasis. Can you tell they are exhausted?HA!

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