Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mom's little superheros

The kids are just FUNNY!!!! They have always had little quirks here and there. Some we are glad when they go, others we miss. One that we miss is Z's compulsion for a tidy environment. He's turned into a typical kid with stuff everywhere and he's filthy when he comes home. He actually smells like a sweaty little boy! A has some of these tendencies, but not to the extent Z had. Z's only be truly coloring for about 2 years now because he never wanted the page to have more than one line on it, and then we grew to just one color, now he colors. A's thing comes with touch more than anything. I had to celebrate a few days recently. A REFUSES to wear synthetic fibers. For Halloween I made her a 2 layered princess dress just to help her out. There was a cotton under dress and a synthetic over dress full of sparkles and beads with lace trim. So pretty. Can you tell what she thought of it?

She goes out trick or treating and looks like this -

Still cute, but my stitching wasn't as good on the under dress (it was supposed to be hidden) as it was on the over dress. So I have to show you the cutest picture from Halloween ever! Gotta' LOVE my litle Lois Lane and Superman! (Z was in a no shoes mode at that time and I had to force him to wear sandles with his costume.)

Well here we are in May and the story continues. A has been DYING to take dance classes, but I didn't want to fight the synthetic fibers issue for the leotard, tights, tutu's and all that jazz. One day I'm in my office and the kids are in the play room. I could tell there was dress up going on, but usually that's left to Z. In walks A (I HAD to take the picture ;)) She is begging for dance class! Not only is she the the tutu, but there's nothing between it and her skin. Break through!!!!

They've had another costume day and I just had to share my little superhero's. BTW - Z insists that he's really a superhero and I just don't know it. He's got this whole plan about living in the clouds, and protecting people. He'll have a wife (his little friend Andrea, and she plans to marry him so it might work out in about 20 years) and she'll live on the ground with the kids. It gets much more complicated but that's the highlights.

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