Saturday, May 31, 2008


No pictures - yet!
I am so excited. Alyssa and I have a girls day totally planned out. This morning we will meet her friend K to create a bear at Build A Bear - gift for their birthdays from a little friend at school. Then off to a girls lunch (please no McDonalds). After that K will probably head home for a nap. I will take A to the ballerina shop to get the first installment in her outfits and shoes. She's been killing me and I finally found the perfect dance studio. We hope to start classes this summer. So A is about to become a prima ballarina, and the best part is that her friend K will be joining her! There's a recital on the 10th that we're going to take the girls to. It's amazing! Maybe my buddy Misty will come home soon and our girls can dance together. We'll have our own little trio. Even better - Misty could teach the class because she's a FABULOUS dancer!

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