Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girls Day Out

WOW! Unusual for me to post 2 times in a day, but had to update after this morning post. Of course the girls gave me great photo shots. We started out at the mall for a small Build A Bear session. You can tell our girls are growing up because there was no way in the world!!!! we were going to get them to pick what we thought would be best. Love what they chose - it is SO uniquely them. Here's K with mom, Carrie, stuffing her hot pink bear.
This is A thinking that the lady is NUTS because she's having her do all these weird things to the little heart - barely got her to kiss it and put it in the bear. Oh well.
We almost couldn't pull them away from the washing station even with the promise of pink tutu's!
Of course naming these friends was FUN! K named her bear Hailey, and A named her hot pink wonder Ali Kat. Not creative on mom's part, but the name fit purrrrfectly. (Can you tell that A picke out a cat?)
Here they are all dressed and ready to go.
We took a break in the play area at the mall where the girls were as silly as could be. I just have to share a few of those shots with you because they are good.
This one is by far my favorite!!! -------> Stay tuned for a post about shopping for dance class.

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