Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today we went to Capizzio for our supplies. A was a little tired, but there were lots of nice, patient ladies to help us pick out the right shoes. It was like being a real life Cinderella, waiting for the perfect shoe to be fitted on her foot. A let the lady measure her foot.
The first shoe she tried was a ballet slipper. A wasn't sure about having elastic over the top of her foot or little knots near her toes, but eventually she found a shoe she loved. She really liked the little footies they put on her feet.

Next came the long awaited tap shoes. A has been dying for a pair of tap shoes! Of course the first pair she tried on were "the ones" (giant wink here because we switched them out for the ones that fit better when she wasn't lookng). This was so important that A ket this serious look on her face until we told her she could walk in them. A would only wear pink today so we tried on pink leotard and skirt. She humored me and tred on other colors, but said that they hurt so that I wouldn't buy them. There was this absolutely darling black with a pink ribbon around the neck line that I LOVED, but alas A wins. Maybe next time.

I just had to show you how proud of her "stuff" she was.

When we got home she was so tired, but had such a great day that she would barely rest. Here she is watching Dora, checking out her new friend's shoes, totally surrounded by her dance stuff.

She's really looking at Ali Kat's crocks that she just had to have to make the outfit complete. When I down load the other camera's photos I'll post of her in her outfit "dancing" in our entry way. It was way too cute!

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