Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tales from a kit neglected

I knew something was about to happen. It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining through the sheer of the curtains. Ellen was home - without anyone else - such a strange occurrence lately. I heard her approach my room and the she picked up a few things from the bucket. She started pulling these acrylic stamps off of their sheets and sticking them to this other thing.She set the stand of stamps - both sets on one - on the desk. I felt like a part of me was missing, but I knew only good would come of it.

The next thing I know she has this binder out and is reading through the pages. As she reads she makes notes, underlines, flips through pages, goes back a few times. It's interesting to watch as her eyes get a real serious look on them and then she sits back to think for a bit. This process goes on for who knows how long.

Right about the time my mind starts to wander out of boredom, Ellen places the binder next to me on the floor. She sits right down and starts to go through my contents piece by piece. Taking some and leaving others. She wanders around the room pulling items from baskets on the shelves placing them in the pile, taking them away. A neat little pile starts to form next to the binder.I see things that may be similar to the photos on the pages, bu I'm just not sure.

The next thing I know, the binder gets placed on the desk along with the little pile of supplies. As she scraps and shapes her page she makes notes to the pages in the binder. When she gets stuck, she makes a note of how she got unstuck When she makes a change to accommodate her tastes, that gets documented.

I found it odd that she would use this spray stuff, and then take a break to play on the computer. Not sure about the spray with this articular project, but it sure helped make matching cardstock out of white cardstock for the journaling when Ellen's picture didn't match the dimensions in the directions.

In case I forgot to tell you. I'm not the only one here. There are a few piles of kits here and there, and there's a basket full of them. I know they're kits like me because they are all in the same type of bags that I came in. There's even one still in the box. Ellen did one layout from me and then used up a kit that was sitting on her desk. She kept making comments to herself about why she hadn't done the page already. Everything was already piled on her desk ready to go. Some days I think this woman is goofier than a one legged jack rabbit. Thought I would share with you the layouts she completed that day. Of course the one using my kit is my favorite, but it was nice to see the kids Valentines layouts for their books. She did use one of the techniques from Spring Survival to finish the pages - check closely to see what it is.

Happy Scrapping!!! I think there's another page in progress on her desk using my kit - can't wait to see what it looks like!

S.S. Kit

PS - Thank you for al th notes of concern and plans for escape. I'l let you know if I need to leave suddenly. Not a secure link here - I think "She's" watching.

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  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    S.S. Kit, I am happy to hear the good news! I will send you the escape plan with the next kit that arrives at your house. Code Word is Summer.



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