Sunday, May 11, 2008

Old Kit Blues

Have you ever had an old kit sitting on your desk just waiting or the right photos, then apparently you put the right photos next to it and forget it's there until you start to clean off the desk? Here lies my delima. I had a valentines type kit sitting around, then aparently at Valentines put photos of the kids next to the kit (I guess for later scrapping). Now I can't remember when and where in time I got this kit to see what the DT did with it. I know it has to be a HG kit since that's all I've had in forever just can't seem to find it in the gallery. I think I have an idea just wanted to see if anyone did it to see what it looked like exactly. I'll just have to take a dive into it. The kids are up from nap and into everything so it may take me forever!!!


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