Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tales from a kit neglected

I've been at this house for 3 weeks now, and not once have I been played with. I remember waiting expectantly to get divided from my clones into individual servings of scrapping madness, the day came where I was diligently laid out on a table full of other bits and pieces. Three ladies scurried and giggled around the tables picking up odds of this and odds of that placing them gently into the large plastic baggies. Flowers were daintily placed in the little blue mesh bags, with little ribbons gently drawn for that perfect puckered look. Names were placed on kits to identify the recipient of such a heavenly work of art. My kit was blessed with almost every add-on available. I must be going to a wonderfully creative home. Gently I'm packed into 2 boxes where I wait dormant for shipping. Around the Gulf of Mexico I traveled to arrive in the lush land of Central Texas. I waited in the mail box, then waited in the car, then waited in the scrap room. Finally I was released from that cardboard hell only to be placed in a tin tub. I've been sitting for 3 weeks in this tin tub waiting for some activity. I GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE!!!!!! If only I could scream "SCRAP WITH ME!!!!!!".

S. S. Kit


  1. Maybe S.S. should do some snooping and find your scrappy friend Dawns phone number,, and arrange a nite to use her.

    Talk soon! :-)

  2. Anonymous2:53 PM

    SSK i am so sorry to hear that you are being neglected. You probably should run away from home. Why should you stay in a plastic bin? Did you know that plastic can be toxic??


  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Michelle - Thank God I'm not in a plastic bin!!!! I'm in a large metal ice tub - see picture on previous post. This way I can taunt her all day long ;)


  4. You are to funny, and just for the record, I do not scurry. LOL

  5. S.S. ,

    Here is the plan....I will be waiting outside...after your "neglectful owner" goes to bed, use your big jewel brads to tap on window..that will be my signal. You tie your bazzill strips together to make a rope, I will shimmy up the side of the house to rescue you. We will get on a plane and I will take you to the east coast where you will be played with daily...let's do this..because an awesome kit is a terrible thing to waste. LOL

  6. oh no, SS! I"m so sorry you are being neglected. If all fails with Kathleen, I'll be there in a jiffy. You DO NOT deserve this. You need to be fondled and loved!


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