Sunday, May 11, 2008

Campaign Lost

Well.... What does one do when you've lost the election? We found ourselves asking that question last night at almost midnight. The decission was to run again next year. So we have 10 months of low key campaigning and then 2 months of madness. Turns out to be good timing though, DH got a job offer on Friday and will be changing jobs. He wasn't really looking to change jobs, but some things happen. I know that God will take care of everything as long as we're obedient to his calls.

So last night we went to my Grandad's 80th birthday party. He has an incredible landscaped yard. It was all decorated for the party. The caterers had a great display going on. Then the rains came. When it was jus sprinkling we were all going to tough it out, but then the rain really came. Then the softball sized hail came. We had an indoor party at that point. Made for fun conversation. Got to meet a lot of the cool Austinites that Grandad parties with - apparently pretty regularly. I had heard stories, but never been - maybe once or twice but whos counting.

All of the grandkids were there. Had to correct a lady who thought there were only 4. There are 6. Ages range from 4th grade to 31. Then there was the lady who thought Grandad only had a daughter. He has 2 daughters and a son. It was great to catch up with Regan again. Last time we visited he had just left Ft.Hood where he was stationed. He's out of the Army now and has been bouncing around the world. He's now looking at med school so that he can work n the states for a bit and do Doctors Without Borders. Very admirable goals. I do find Regan to be a man of great character and think he will make and excellent doctor. I think he will be a true blessing to all the people he will treat both here and abroad.

Nathan's still catching up on sleep after the election so I think I'm going to scrap a bit. If I'm lucky I'll get to do ita all afternoon as well. He made reservations at Z-Tejas for brunch. Might need to do a litle NJHS work as well. We'll see how it all goes.


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