Monday, June 23, 2008

A Productive Mess

I was just telling Nathan that the house was a mess. He proceeded to inform me that it wasn't just a mess - it was a productive mess. It all started when I went to see Tim Holtz in Houston. Nate steamed the carpets - much needed and appreciated! While Nate was doing that the kids totally destroyed the upstairs playing. I'm sure they had a great time streaming toys though both bedrooms and the play room. This promted me to make a giant toy pile in the middle of the play room floor and start cleaning. Getting rid of anything that wasn't needed any more. By the time I got to the bottom of the pile all I had left were things I knew had other pieces and just needed to find them in the bedrooms.
Z's room came first only because I had promised him a long time ago that I would paint his room when summer came. Cleaned, and cleaned. Then Nate pushed all the furniture to the center of the room - I cleaned some more. My mom came over on Saturday and we painted, and painted, and painted. While we painted Nate and the kids installed a fan in A's room. A pink fan she found when we were buying Z's paint that she just had to have!

Sunday we put stickers on Z's fresh walls, I bought some accessories - these really cool wall sconces that look like torches. Perfect additions to the Superman room!

Nate installed a fan in his office, and I bought a new office chair that of course had to be put together.

Monday - today - I had training for school (hate to admit it, but it was actually how to set up my school web page. so deficient there). So I got lazy and had my brother finish painting Z's room (had to do the ceiling). I'm going to try and get his room put a little more back together before I go pick up the kids, but at least it's a productive mess!

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