Monday, July 07, 2008

Since it's been a while.....

WOW!!! What a whirl wind I live in! I was walking to the mail box this morning because we haven't been in a while (don't ask, but at leat they didn't take the mail back - and yes they do that if you leave it too long and it gets full). So as I was hobling to the mail box. I think I broke my toe on the Frio River this weekend when I slipped on a rock. The pain was just too much and I almost turned back, but then a thought hit me. IT'S SHIPPING WEEK!!!!! Summer SK ships later this week and I have to have a fresh mail box for it! It was enough to keep me walking. I know my toe would have prefered other wise, but some days you just have to go with it.

So where have I been? Well I went to an LWML conference in Houston, then quickly turned around and went to Garner State Park with the family and a few friends. The trip has been dubbed "The Regurgitation Trip" because Z, DH, and I all had the stomach bug while there. A had it the week before. When I dropped them off at school today I was told that someone is saying it was food poisoning - my gut tells me otherwise. Other than the vomit and the toe incident all was well. Z has a few war wounds on his face after running into a tree. Not sure how that happened - the tree hadn't moved the whole time we were there.

My friend Charu called while I was headed out to camp with great news. She got engaged to Sean. They are planning to get married this fall so life is a little busy for us now.

I'm off to sort through laundry, photos, task lists. I will post more about my adventures later. It's supposed to be a calm week this week.

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