Friday, July 18, 2008

You thought I would post regularly?

HA!!!! Been busy just a bit. Yesterday I went to San Antonio with Dawn, and then a few quiet moments running errands after getting home. It was so nice! Doing wedding stuff here and there.... I did tell Dawn that after about 4 hours of Projct Runway I was ready to scrap. Maybe I'll get a few moments soon.

Summer Survival arrived in it's giant entirity. There's this really cute ice cream paper in it that I know exactly what pictures to put it with. I can't wait!

Z finished swim lessons, but still not swiming. Elena's going to help us with that and I'm excited. He really wants to go to Schliterban. I think he's tall enough to use his Six Flags ticket too! Went to the Dr. today and he's 46" tall and 47 lbs. That's just funny! The nurse said he's almost square. Just too funny. We're also going to see a specialist about getting him some support for school. The Dr. knew exactly which parent he got this from - dad! He even asked "Did dad have these problems in school?" - Of course! Then the Dr. checked out A. He said she could definitely hang with the 4 year olds. Then he said, "but you already knew that". Interesting day.
Post more later - gotta go to a birthday party with the kids.

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