Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Do you Do over the summer?

I've been accused of having the summer off. A lot. It's a little annoying, but I'm starting to laugh at peoples faces when I tell them what I've been up to. People complain that they "only" get 5 weeks off of work each year and I have to say that I'm only given 10 days and that's for any time I need off - no flexing. Then they turn around and say "but you get the summers off". I have finally started explaining that I'm not off, I'm unemployed. Teachers are CONTRACTED employees. This means we are paid for a set amount of days each year. Period. End of story. All those little odds and ends we do is totally at our expense - time wise. Do I miss the leave I accrued when I worked for the state? YES! The thing I don't miss is the time I get to spend with my kids. I truly appreciate spending the evenings with them. I love sitting around the table for dinner. I love going through our bed time routine. I love teaching them good habits. I love all the little moments I'm blessed with with them. But this paragraph was not what I intended to post about.

On my way to post I thought - what I have I done lately that I need to post about? Guess what - have to go to the picture files to see that. Besides our usual life of Kumon, school, summer camp, swim lessons, dance class.....
We got to take K to her first dinner at Taco Bell! I know it's not the finest restraunt in town, but it is the newest. A loves Taco Bell - more than McDonalds (but don't tell them). K now loves Taco Bell so her mother will have to go with us more often just so we don't have to eat McDonalds so much.
On the topic o McDonalds. Today Z and I had to go into Austin so we ran a small errand left over from last school year. We took all the tabs that the kids at RBMS collected to Ronald McDonald House. It was so fun to bring those down there, and tell of how it impacted our little community. One girl's family had been saving since they stayed at a RMDH - that was a ton of tabs! One of the kids brought us his collection to add to the donation. There were so many tabs I couldn't lift the box and had to rebag them all!
So what do I do over summer? I'm mom - what else? Tell ya' more later, but it's time to clock out and just be me ;)

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