Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Survival Kit

Just to let everyone know SS Kit cannot complain this go around! Survival program starts tomorrow and I've already been planing. I bought a bigger bucket to store my stash in.

(this picture is actually missing Summer Survival because I have it spread all over the floor ;)but this picture has it all in there.

In case you are wondering what comes in my quarterly kit - here's a small tour of what they looked like circled around me. Take care to notice that there are layers....

Can you see that absolutely lucious ice cream paper? I know exactly which pictures I'm going to use it on! Who doesn't have pictures of their kids faces covered in some colorful ice cream? OOO! Might have to do several LO's. We also went to an ice cream festival last year!

Favorite product? These red / orange sparkle letters! The color is amazing!!!!

In an effort to wait for the launch of Summer Survival (Tomorrow) I did a small challenge LO using stash. Dawn and I are challenging each other to use Project Runway as our inspiration. They pay people big bucks to come up with those creative challenges so why not use them as inspiration. Last week they had to make an outfit out of stuff from the grocery store. I did a LO using packaging from one of my favorite drinks. Sweet Leaf Tea. If you don't know what that is you just have to try it! A teacher friend of mine introduced it to me through our Secret Santa stuff. Besides being completely tasty, it's organic (same group as my grandparents farm!), and guess where it's made! Austin Texas!!! It's local!!!! Organic and local! Can't beat it! And I can get it in several grocery stores nation wide. Love it when the little guy goes big.

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. I love the idea of useing other challenges to challenge ourselves. Great idea.


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