Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'Tis the night before PDF

and all across the world scrappers await.
Some cleaning their space,
Others scrapping from stash.
All in pleasurable expectation of inspiration to come.

Reading posts,
Searching blogs,
Flipping through galleries,
Reading the latest magazine.
How can they keep the anticipation at bay?

Fondling paper,
rolling buttons through their nimble fingers,
tantalizing textures tickle their finger tips.

"What will the design team bring to me next?"
"I hope they use those perky poppies from S.E.I."
"Will there be an awesome technique that I just have to try out immediately?"
"How can I keep the family busy while I steal a few moments to play?"

"God, let me just have a few moments of me time!"

As it's time for scrappers around the world to rest their heads,
visions of patterned papers dance merrily through fields of embellishments.
Locks of ribbon and lace are clutched between their fingers, buried beneath the pillow.
It's almost time.
Let the scraping begin!

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