Saturday, August 02, 2008

Uniquely Austin

I LOVE!!!!!! living in Austin Texas! (Ok so I don't actually live in Austin, but who's counting the miles between us?;)

A couple weks ago someone mentioned that there is an actual soda fountain down on South Congress. Of course I had to find it and I did, but they don't have a web site. It's called Big Top Candy Shop. From the blog posts I've read about it you certainly pay extra for the novelty of it all, but it's a fun outing. The staff mixes up your favorite soda straight from syrup. There's every time of ice cream delight you can think of. So craving a true malt reading about it. They use Bluebell ice cream which is cool because it's Texas, but why not Amy's? Better quality and local. Just a thought. Another thing - retro candy. Now how fun could that be?!?!?!

So in my internet travels looking for Big Top Candy Shop I found this blog - you have to check it out! I love the little things this lady finds around town. I also love her photo composition (check out the nature shots of Austin - totally awesome!) I'm so ready to take a field trip to South Austin at this point. Any one game?

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