Monday, August 04, 2008

Symbol of Hope

So I'm getting my thoughts and things together for this years LWML. We've chosen a water theme for the year based on the Woman at the Well. With this I've been working diligently on our prop to advertise all the missions going on. Well I was just watching Planet Green Greensburg and they were installing the town water tower.
As I watched the tower protrude into the sky against a completely flattened earth I couln't help thnking about the beacon of hope it offers. It's a sign of life in the aftermath of complete desolation. The community gathered around as the tower went up - when have you watched a water tower get installed? The community members spoke about how they will now look like a town to drivers that drive by on the high way, that they will have water pressure again, that it's assurance of water. There were concerns about how they would handle fires before the tower went up. It's that assurance of life giving water.
This got me thinking about what LWML is focusing on ths year, the assuance of life giving water through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The focus of hope to those who feel lost. Just like Greensburg gets the opportunity to start over so do we. It's just amazing!

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