Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Bells Ringing

Well it's the night befoee school starts so our house is busy. We've spent the week in preparation. Getting up early, mom going to in service, open houses. You would think that we're totally ready for the bells first thing in the morning. We're not. Ran today to do some last second supply purchases. Did you know that the stores tend to sell out of school supplies? For us it was construction paper and pink erasers. Early in the season there was a mad rush on Play-dough. I heard parents in lines talking about where to get it since everywhere was sold out. Z's teacher asked for an unusual item that I have totally fallen in love with - a primary composition book. Not only does it have the fat lines for early writers, but it's got a blank spot to draw pictures. Who ever thought to do that needs a raise.
Though I seem to be the only one excited about the new year at our house I think the kids are going to love their teachers. A's teachers are great and will help her grow. Z's teacher seems extremely organized - already sending out the first news letter of the year with links to her updated web page. We may not need to have parent teacher contact as much as we have had in the past.
Off to get bags packed, out fits picked out, ironing done, dogs washed, alarms clocks checked.... All the good stuff for a great first day of school.

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  1. Cheers Ellen,

    Your dad contacted me and pointed me in your direction. It looks life has been good.

    Let me know how you've been.


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