Monday, September 29, 2008

Just another Monday...

Got up usual time, took the kids to school usual time, drove to Georgetown - Hold the presses! That's not usual. I live 1.8 miles from where I work. A's school is about 3 miles from our house. Z's school is between our house and work - Georgetown is a commute!
Today was jury duty day. Got there sat a bit, signed a paper, sat a bit. The lady from the county clerks office explained that unless we had an exemption or hardship plan for so many days - up to a week. She seemed pretty confident in these statements. Waited a bit, then another lady came in saying there was good news and bad news. If you wanted to serve on a jury this week the last case just pled out and there were no juries this week. Now this came about the time I was getting a little bit more comfortable being back in the court house. It was stressful being there again, but I was etermined to make it. I was even to the point where I thought it would be OK to be there for a week. So here I was - free for a full day and nothing to do. You'll never guess!
I went to Dawn's house and scrapped! Nathan was working from home so no way was I hanging out there ;) Dogs had to go to the vets because Junior was limping. Sprained ankle..... Anyway- despite Dawn having no AC today (long story and even longer repair) we scrapped with the windows open and ceiling fans blowing. It was such a relaxing and productive day. We both used stash - gotta' love that! I got this BoBunny Album done that I have been tinkering with for years. Now just have to paste in the photos. And I got a predone LO from Archivers done. Used lots of stickles on it ;) (Dawn is the stickles queen, me not so much, but I had the orange stickles and it just added that much more to the LO). Came home, made pizza for dinner, played outside, now bath and bed for the kids. May squeeze in a few more LO's. (OK maybe one)
Can't wait to see what Tuesday has in store!

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