Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Random Post I Picked Up From Another Blog

This is how God works.

There was a young man named John who was in college. He didn't really know God. He hadn't been brought up in a spiritual environment and although he had heard stories about God, he never really paid much attention to them. He was just going about his life.

His roommate, however, did know God. And because of that, he was constantly bugging John to come to church with him or to at least try praying with him. John would always laugh and say no but his roommate never stopped offering.

John was on the diving team in college and many nights he would head over to the pool to practice. He loved to practice in the dark because there was a really cool sky light. The moon would shine in and cast an awesome reflection off of all of the diving boards and other pool equipment, and it would create beautiful shadows all over the walls.

On this one particular evening, John headed over to the pool for a quick practice before bed. He used his code to get inside and left the lights off.

He climbed way up the dark ladder to the highest platform and stepped to the edge of the board, his back to the water. As he prepared for his dive and he stuck his arms straight out and looked straight ahead. They way the moon was shining through, he saw his shadow on the wall and it looked just like a cross.

He stared at the cross on the wall for a minute and remembered some of the things his roommate had told him about God. He'd been unsuccessfully trying for almost a year to nail this one dive and something gnawed at him to pray about it. So, he stopped, knelt down and folded his hands...

Just then, the lights flew on! A man's voice yelled up at him, "Hey, what are you doing up there?" It was the custodian.

"Uh, praying?" John answered, a little startled because the custodian had never worked at the pool this late.

The custodian said, "Well, it's a good thing because we drained that pool today for cleaning and if you go off that board, you're gonna' need it."

That's how God works.

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