Sunday, November 08, 2009

Photography - something I dable? in

Nathan and I both take photos. We've both shot photos for other people and have been paid for our photos - which is a HUGE honor. We have a web site that people order their photos from, where all of the photos are processed by a high end professional processing company. I've been very impressed with their quality. I have enjoyed every photo shoot I've done and am thinking that I need to share that excitement through my blog.
Currently I'm processing photos from a fall wedding we did in Indiana. I cannot wait to share those with y'all. The colors were spectacular and the wedding was ideal. I did take the role of 3rd photographer so I don't have a lot of the money shots in my set, but I enjoyed that role for this wedding.
Yesterday I had a bunch of photos from the summer printed up to finally hang on our walls. It's so funny. I'm known to take hundreds of photos at an event - some the standard people shots and others more artistic. Our walls are void of photos. Actually our walls have nothing hung on them until yesterday. We did hang 2 photos that we've had framed for a long time. One of a butterfly we saw at a local garden center and the other of a giant tree at my grandmother's house in Michigan. When my mom came over she said it was a barn picture and I had to tell her it was a tree picture. The barn is behind the tree and partially hidden - it is definitely a tree picture. My mom grew up on this farm where I only visited and played. Two different sets of feelings from two different sets of memories. A friend of mine looked at it yesterday and said it was definitely a tree picture and then said that she almost missed the tire swing in the picture. This just affirmed for her that it was definitely a tree picture.
Nathan and I were framing pictures and I told him I liked one grouping over another because of the theme. He kept trading pictures around and I kept telling him he was messing with my theme. He told me that they all had to do with our family trips to the symphony - which they did - and that they worked. I told him that my theme was playful.
Photography is one of those things - beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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