Monday, November 16, 2009

Not beyond a bribe here and there.

One of the perks of having two parents who love photography is that they are always taking pictures of you. For a 4yo and 7yo that can be quite annoying. Most of the time when I have the camera out they are trying to hide or just refuse to look cute. It can end in pretty big power struggles. Some days I win others they win.

So I was out at So. Co. Saturday and had to stop by Big Top Candy Shop. If you've never been - it's a must visit. I think I've blogged on that before. Any way - I found these giant orange and white lollipops while I was there. I have been dying to do a photo shoot of little kids with giant suckers.

With all the wisdom of a seasoned parent photographer I went home with my stash of orange and white lollies. When the kids got up the next day I said, " I have a deal for you. If you wear your UT clothes and let me take pictures you can have these lollipops." Now tell me there is a child out there willing to refuse such an offer - not mine :) The children diligently got ready for the day. I left them at Sunday school with the advice, "stay clean" (we only had to hide one hot pink hand stamp). We left there to eat at Jardine Del Rey - Mexican food - I about died thinking of the possible spills. As soon as lunch was over I was ready to shoot. We reviewed the rules - no eating until you are told, smile, look cute, cooperate for a change. I would love to tell you this session went off without incident, but I can't. I got some great pics of Z crying because he "didn't know how to smile". I also got some candid's - off stage - of them eating their precious and well earned lolli's.

As my grandmother used to say - Love, Luck and, Lollipops!

*remember to get your holiday photo session booked now. I would love to take pictures of your family!

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